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Honor Native American Veterans This Veterans Day with Onslow Veterans Pow Wow

Mark your calendars and celebrate Native American Veterans at the Onslow Veterans Pow Wow on November 5th and 6th. This Pow Wow Jacksonville NC is the only celebration located in Eastern Carolina. They are bringing together tribes from across the country to share and celebrate their culture through dance and Native culture stories.

What is a Pow Wow?

A pow-wow is a way for Native Americans to come together, sing, dance, and socialize to honor their culture. The tradition stems from tribes that settled in the Great Plains, forming intertribal alliances. These alliances allowed for the exchange of ceremonies, songs, dances, and ceremonies specific to the tribe. They were creating the historical foundation for the Pow Wow. Native American Veterans come together and carry the United States Flag, Tribal Flags, a POW Flag, and Eagle Staffs. Native Americans honor the United States flag in this tradition, acknowledging the honored position and respecting it as a symbol of the country they are a part of. See this tradition come to life at the Onslow Veterans Pow Wow!

Attend the Jacksonville NC Pow Wow

For the second time in two decades, Onslow County is giving Native American Veterans a chance to celebrate and honor their culture. Pow wows are commonly closed to the public, but the Pow Wow Jacksonville NC is a two-day event open to the public. Visit the American Legion Fairgrounds to help celebrate.

What to expect at the Pow Wow Jacksonville NC

Jacksonville tourism is promoting our Onslow Veterans pow wow and planning the cultural celebration. The Onslow Veterans Pow Wow provides a cultural experience for residents to participate in and learn from a broad representation of Native American tribes. When you attend the pow wow near me, expect delicious food from Native vendors, exciting Native dance, music, and drumming. Also, enjoy seeing a tour of the traditional Native American tipi.

Onslow Veterans Pow Wow | Jacksonville NC

Everyone should experience a pow wow like the Onslow Veterans Pow Wow at least once in their life. With this information, take advantage of this two-day free event to celebrate Native American Culture. Search for pow wow near me and help honor and celebrate a new culture. Visit our website or pow wow Jacksonville NC Facebook page to receive more information regarding our celebration!

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