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Cultural Appropriation During Holidays: Onslow Veterans Pow Wow

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Come join us to celebrate and learn from various Native American tribes at the Onslow Veterans Pow Wow. A pow-wow is a traditional Native American dance festival. Indigenous communities connect for dancing, singing, and to commemorate their heritage. If you are located in Onslow County, this event is a great opportunity to learn about Native American culture. Our Jacksonville NC Pow Wow celebration will be held November 5 - 6, 2022.

What is Cultural Appropriation?

Cultural appropriation is the inappropriate adoption of a cultural component of a different cultural or linguistic group. Impersonating another culture's hair, clothes, or language is an example of cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation has the potential to reinforce prejudices and profit off of oppressed groups. Halloween and Thanksgiving are two American holidays that seem to normalize Native American cultural appropriation. During Halloween, it's common to see individuals dress like Native Americans with feathers, braids, and fridges. It is important to remember that a culture is not a costume. It is degrading and disrespectful to the history of indigenous people.

How to Prevent Cultural Appropriation

A good rule of thumb is to think twice about what you are wearing or posting to ensure that you are not taking from another culture. If you are unsure if something is cultural appropriation, ask yourself questions before wearing it.

  • Are you wearing an item that represents another culture?

  • Are you ignoring cultural significance?

  • Does this item or style represent stereotypes involved with another culture?

  • What is your motivation behind this item or style choice?

Cultural Appropriation VS Cultural Appreciation

Cultural appropriation and appreciation may sound similar, but do not get confused; they mean the opposite things. Cultural appreciation is embracing another culture to extend one's viewpoint and interact with individuals from different cultures. Great ways to educate yourself about another culture are visiting local cultural gatherings, authentic restaurants, and small businesses owned by someone in the community. If you want to learn more about the Native American culture and history, visit a Pow Wow near me.

Celebrate Native American Culture at the Onslow Veterans Pow Wow

You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of Native American tribes. At the Onslow Veterans Pow Wow, you will experience authentic cuisines, dances, chants, music, artwork, and more. Native American veterans get a chance to honor their culture with the public for free at the Onslow Pow Wow Jacksonville NC. Check out our website today to learn more!


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